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Sicop, your glue and paint manufacturer since 1982

Sicop (fr. Société Industrielle de Colle et Peinture), is a company that has been manufacturing glue and paint since 1982. Sicop offers its products to real estate promotions, carpentry companies and bookshops.

Often known as Pentacol, the company has become a leader in the Tunisian market of glue and paint industry due to the quality of its products and its competitive edge.

Located in Sfax, capital of southern Tunisia, we put an expertise of more than 30 years at your disposal to offer you the best preparations of glue and paint. We present you a wide range of products adapted to your different needs in the sectors of real estate development, carpentry, etc.

Sicop, a reference for experts

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the field of glue and paint, Pentacol has won the trust of renowned clients. Indeed, the quality and diversity of our products have made us a reference for, among others, major furniture manufacturing brands such as Polysièges, STQ, Meublatex, Amara Distribution and many others.

Whether it's wood glue, PVC glue, waterproof paint or oil-based paint, our customers will find everything they need in our store. Fully satisfied by the quality of our products, they encourage us to open to the international market.

Our strengths

In order to satisfy its customers with a high quality product, Sicop is committed to following a strategy of partnership with its customers. Indeed, we are always listening to our customers to offer the product that best suits their needs.

With a team of motivated experts at your service, we ensure that our activities throughout the manufacturing process are part of an environmentally friendly and healthy approach.

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To receive all the News on Pentacol Subscribe for free to the newsletter